The Glance-Writer

Handwriting, typewriting, or perhaps – glance-writing

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The cyberworld is expanding immensely —  so is the need to command that word. To interact with the cyberworld we use keyboards, touch-screens, even voice. Neither is exactly perfect. Voice lacks accuracy, the keyboard is cumbersome, and the touch-screen, surely good for browsing, has near zero appeal for the office work.

The glancing method is opening a range of new possibilities.

The glance writing is for entering data into computers. The glancing device is operated with one hand and uses a simple set of relaxed finger motions. It allows for fast, comfortable and, most importantly, sightless (haptic) operation. Once learnt, glancing becomes so casual, that it may approximate the ease of speaking.

The glancing device is an ultimate wearable data input device. It is small, non-intrusive, fits in a pocket,  is ready to be used even from within the pocket it is kept in (again, it is one handed and is operated sightlessly). It can communicate wirelessly with any device adapted to receive its input.

The glancing device is intended to be carried everywhere, just like a cellphone, glasses or a watch. It transmits its commands wirelessly. It is intended to be used to communicate with the cyberworld for our private or professional use.

I anticipate that the glancing device will be indispensable part of our life. It will be used in myriad situations requiring digital command and communication, replacing voice and other means of communication. The glancing device  will provide the keyboard functionality to desktop computers, touch pads, and anything in-between, including the newly emerging internet of things.

Glancing device can be the most secure ID system.

Entering data is connected to the issue of data security. For example everyday I am experiencing frustration when logging to my …. you know, bank, email, office account… Not only I don’t remember all these passwords,  but when typing a password (that contains more than eight randomly  combined capitals, numbers, etc.), often I have to enter it several times before getting it right. What a drag.

Nevertheless, all that hassle may be utterly unnecessary. The glancing device itself can provide perfectly secure access to any of our confidential information vaults. The glancing device simply identifies  a person operating the device. The glancing device is well suited to detect and confirm if I am the authorized operator, as by its design it is uniquely fitted to the user’s hand. It may be set to respond exclusively to owner’s hand, assuring easy and secure access to the data stored on it, or on the web. Beside being able to detect my hand prints, the glancing device also can analyze and identify my behavior, i.e. the glancing style, itself as unique as my fingerprints.  Numerous additional barriers can be easily installed using the capacity of the glancing method. Furthermore, it may also instantly disconnect when unauthorized user is detected. Having all in place, by merely starting to use my device I am given permission to proceed. I may quickly indicate what operation to perform, such asgenerating a password and emitting it at the counter in Home Depot. That password may be further scrambled and secured by other technologies.

In conclusion, whenever I place my hand over the keypads, the glancing device ‘knows’ who I am. The device cannot be operated by an unauthorized person. There is no way to cheat it. That way the glancing device becomes my ID. It is an ID that I always want have with me. The only ID I ever need.

As a secure encoder the glancing device will assure security for my private and official operations. Glancing devices may be further combined with a cell-phone, and enhanced with other gadgets and user applications. And finally a glancing device will be an ideal companion for the future generations of the i-glasses, whereby such combo will allow for the most natural and efficient interaction with the cyberworld around us.

Glance-writing is a new method of entering text into computers.

In the emerging global and increasingly mobile society, glance-writing has the capacity to change how we relate to computers, promising help to the i-glass, or smart phone users and gamers, as well as those who spend their days at the desk, or do the office work on the go.

The terms used throughout this text: ‘glance’,‘glancing’ or ‘flick-typing’, relate to the way fingers move when operating the glancing device. Such motions differ from the standard way of entering data, i.e. ‘tap-typing’. Glancing offers numerous advantages over other methods of entering data.

Flick-Pad and Glancing-Pad are the names of two devices capable of accepting the glancing input. As of now there are only few glancing devices in existence; they are rudimentary, albeit perfectly functional, prototypes.

The glancing method, is quite unusual among methods of entering text. Nevertheless, the glancing device provides functionality of the standard keyboard, plus numerous advantages. While engaging only a single hand, glancing does not use a large number of closely spaced buttons, and does not utilize the so called chording technique. Glancing is easier than any other method of generating text. Proficient operation of the glancing device is similar to ‘touch typing’ on a keyboard. And just like the keyboard, if necessary, the Flick-Pad can be operated without any training, even with one finger. While glancing can be as fast as typing on a keyboard, it may be also easier to learn.

There are two reasons why the glancing device will prevail. The first reason is that it is genuinely handy and useful in number of advantageous ways. And the second; it will be exceptionally inexpensive to produce, and for the user to acquire. As such glancing will become a platform for industry innovation, leading to applications enhancing users’ comfort, productivity and communicative capacity unattainable at present.

Two design models, the Flick-Pad and the Glancing-Pad, are described in detail in the following pages.

More about the Glance-Writer

While touch-screens are good for navigating the cyberspace, keyboards are for office. Typing with computer keyboard is fast and precise. Everything works just fine. So, why bother with glancing?

There are many pretty good reasons. A glance-writing device, such as the Flick-Pad, provides the functionality of a keyboard, but in a smaller and neater package. Despite being one hand operated, it is about as fast and accurate as the two-handed keyboard. It has a small profile and is portable, and it does not require the operator keeping the device in sight, or be seated.

Glancing relies entirely on the sense of touch, allowing for comfortable and discrete operation, such as from the pocket. The glancing device can be fashioned into a decorative accessory, especially can be made soft, flexible and lightweight. As such it may be attached to the person’s garment at any easy to reach location, and used to produce text — conveniently and efficiently, anytime, anywhere.

Beside being perfectly suitable for a stationary terminal, substituting for a keyboard, the glancing device excels in tasks where using a keyboard or touch screen wouldn’t be practical, or possible. Glancing makes it easy to write a report while reclining on the sofa, standing, or pacing around the room. It would also allow to operate a tablet, Google’s Glass device, i-watch, a household appliance, smart phone, or even an entire smart home, and just about anything else — in one familiar way, with one universal gadget.

Among the applications that only the glancing method can handle, imagine yourself having to write a note in bed and in complete darkness. Or think of a pocket-fitting contraption that is operated with blind, instinctive, fingertip touches, and is capable generating control codes for every remotely controlled device in the house. Each of us have experienced confusion and frustration having to operate one of a myriad of household controllers, because every such controller is configured differently, and is dedicated to a single utility apparatus. Not any more. One glancing device in the pocket will be able to replace them all. Furthermore, being by design uniquely personal, it will be able to serve as a secure key to the universe of our life.

Universal applicability and convenience of the Glancing-Pad makes it the only data entering device that anyone might ever need.